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قواعد اللغة الإنجليزية قسم مخصص لعرض القاعدات والدروس مع شرحها .English Grammar rules

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افتراضي Common Letter Combinations

Common Letter Combinations
Intermediate: Common Letter Combinations

Letter combination:
ck, ch, ph, gh, th, dg, ion, ous, ate, qu, ial, ent, er, gra, or, able, ic, ei, acy, ex, on, in, ing, ary, ly, gy, ed, al, tran.
1. Letter combination. (ck)
Kick, lick, lack, wacky, wick, knock, lock, clock, tock, chickenpox, chickpea, flick, cock, checkers, mackerel, mackintosh, mackinaw, pack, packaging, packer, packer, hacker, hacksaw, hackneyed, hackle, quack, quick, tick,
2. Letter combination. (ch)
Check, chunk, chatter, chicken, chills, chimney, cinch, machinery, chili, crunch, Chevy, cheese, chewy, ocher, chef, cheetah, chemical, checkerboard, cheat, chaparral, chant, chapel, chichi, chickadee, chickweed,
3. Letter combination. (ph)
Decipher, delphinium, diaphragm, graph, graphite, graphed, graphics, philander, philharmonic, phial, philanthropic, siphon, symphonic, symphony, phosphate, phosphate, phosphor, phony, photographic, phobic, photo.
4. Letter combination. (gh)
Rough, roughage, roughen, roughhouse, roughshod, cough, daughter, dough, doughboy, doughnut, doughty, enough, ghost, gherkin, ghastly, ghetto, ghostwriter, ghettoize, slaughterhouse, sleigh, sleight, eight, eighteenth.

5. Letter combination. (th)
Depth, theory, theater, thebe, theft, theirs, theism, the, thankful, thanksgiving, thatch, thaw thankless, thank, third thirsty, thirteenth, this, thistle, thong, thorn, thorough, thorax, threat, threadbare, threw, three.
6. Letter combination. (dg).
Dredge, hedges, hedgehogs, sludge, fudge, sledge, nudge, lunge lounge, smudged, grudgingly, judgmental, fledging, knowledge, ledge, foreknowledge, smudge, ridges, bridge, fridge, widgets, budgeting, sledgehammer, midget, ledge.
7. Letter combination. (ion).
Instructional, station, infections, ration, inflation, relation, faction, action, national, motion, regional, contraption, religion, sensation, mention, formations, benediction, onion, bunion, situation, carnation, ion,
8. Letter combination. (ous).
Anonymous, famous, infamous, notorious, outrageous, carousel, bounteous, contagious, courteous, covetous, louse, curvaceous, dangerous, magnanimous, melodious, meritorious, phosphorous, porous, posthumous, callous.
9. Letter combination. (ate).
Nate, migrate, innate, slate, immigrate, imitate, ate, grate, relate, correlate, emigrate, immediate, immoderate, barbiturate, berate, bifurcate, date, bookplate, plate, late, berate, ulcerate, filtrate, water, Watergate, mate.
10. Letter combination. (qu).
Quack, quiet, quit, quiver, quality, quail, quaker, qualified, quality, qualm, queen, quench, question, quell, quibble, quick, quicksand, quintuple, quip, quintillion, quote, liquefy, lacquer, quote, quotient, quoth, quorum.

11. Letter combination. (ial).
Essential, facial, potential, verbal, special, sundial, racial, cordial, vestigial, substantial, triennial, ial, torrential, tonsorial, testimonial, territorial, spatial, superficial, socialism, social, socialistic.
12. Letter combination. (ent).
Payment, stimulant, absent, permanent, firmament, advent, relenting, silently, gradient, shipment, installment, parliament, resentment, judgment, lamentable, remnant, ferment, argument, relent, invent, investment, cement.
13. Letter combination. (er)
ever, bigger, better, lesser, winner, fatter, latter, her, were, there, where, larger, rounder, thinner, farther, never, redder, colder, softer, harder, compiler, camper, fishermen, flabbergast, flower, flapper, floater.
14. Letter combination. (gra).
Grain, migrate, disintegrate, ungrateful, grape, gradual, graduation, congratulations, granola, granular, grapnel, granulate, immigration, ungracious, grapple, grasping, grasshopper, gratify, photography, graphics, holograph,
15. Letter combination. (or).
Alligator, meteor, animator, anterior, anymore, auditor, parlor, before, fortune, word, error, ancestor, reactor, receptor, rector, reflector, malefactor, malodor, ore, mentor, monitor, morn, moron, numerator, color, store, or.
16. Letter combination. (able).
Able, capable, unable, cable, stable, cable, able, culpable, cleavable, floatable, sinkable, table, tillable, billable, ejectable, soundable, friable, trainable, flammable, floatable, flyable, playable, able.

17. Letter combination. (ic).
Acoustic, agnostic, electric, angelic, toxic, basic, barbaric, magic, cataclysmic, caustic, cherubic, egocentric, elliptic, epic, Eolithic, fabric, forensic, garlic, geocentric, majestic.
18. Letter combination. (ei).
Inveigh, neigh, outweigh, sleigh, weigh, eight, freight, foreign, reign, sovereign, unveil, veil, vicereine, vein, skein, stein, being, fleeing, seeing, seine, feint, heir, their, receipt, weir, weird, deceit, concert, counterfeit.
19. Letter combination. (acy).
Accuracy, adequacy, advocacy, celibacy, confederacy, democracy, diplomacy, fallacy, gynecocracy, illiteracy, intimacy, lacy, legacy, literacy, lunacy, obstinacy, papacy, pharmacy, plutocracy, privacy, supremacy, racy.
20. Letter combination. (ex).
Exit, extinct, exactly, exercise, existence, biconvex, apex, annex, circumflex, codex, complex, convex, duplex, flex, ibex, ilex, index, flex, multiplex, murex, rex, perplex. Pollex, reflex, silex, simplex, vertex, vortex,
21. Letter combination. (on).
Bacon, baron, beckon, cannon, capon, capon, on, chiffon, colon, common, cordon, cotton, coupon, damson, electron, emblazon, epsilon, falcon, gallon, gibbon, guerdon, non, guncotton, horizon, jargon, pardon, person, poison.
22. Letter combination. (in).
In, basin, bearskin, begin, cabin, chagrin, chin, chagrin, din, dolphin, duckpin, fetching, fin, firkin, gelatin, bin, lambskin, linchpin, listen, inability, inaction, inane, inadequate, inadvertent, inanimate, inboard, inaugurate.
23. Letter combination. (ing).
Absorbing, according, amazing, amusing, angling, awning, befitting, belting, blessing, bluing, bombing, bowling, casing, ceiling, chafing, coking, cruising, curdling, farthing, fleeting, flinching, flouting, flowing, fling.
24. Letter combination. (ary).
Adversary, apothecary, arbary, binary, canary, carry, contrary, dietary, dignitary, dispensary, dignitary, glossary, granary, hoary, honorary, involuntary, ovary, planetary, primary, quandary, rosary, rosemary, sanitary.
25. Letter combination. (ly).
Duly, truly, unruly, bully, fully, gully, spitefully, ly, truthfully, willfully, holy, melancholy, molly, monopoly, bodily, busily, clumsily, daily, doily, dreamily, wily, greedily, lustily, merrily, mightily, primarily, luckily.
26. Letter combination. (gy).
Analogy, eulogy, tetralogy, genealogy, loggy, mineralogy, fogy, mineralogy, trilogy, soggy, groggy, fogy, prodigy, effigy, amphilogy, pedagog, soggy, groggy, stogy, bogy, bugy, muggy, puggy, baggy, analogy, eulogy.
27. Letter combination. (ed).
Aged, accented, accosted, agitated, bigoted, biped, bled, blended, blessed, bobsled, booted, bowlegged, bred, red, unwed, wafted, vested, wicked, wooded, reported, hearted, jagged, fretted, imbed, inbred, indebted, invented, bed.
28. Letter combination. (al).
Admiral, astral, austral, betrayal, cabal, epochal, cabal, feudal, integral, interval, jackal, lethal, magisterial, prodigal, papal, marshal, quintal, medal, missal, nasal, naval, rebuttal, rehearsal, renewal, rascal, vassal, gal.
29. Letter combination. (tran).
Transact, transaxle, transcendent, transcribe, transfer, transducer, transept, transferor, transgress, transform, transfuse, transship, transistor, transit, transition, transitory, translator, transverse, transmit, transpose.
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