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No0osah 16-02-2007 11 : 29 AM

عبارات راااائعة و "رومانسية"!!!
Asslam Alaikum

These are for you...

:) ____ ++++++++++____:)

Sweet live


If I do not call you....
It does not means ...
I forget you...
Iam just give you time to miss me

no pain no gain

I Miss you


if u want
see me
see me
in adark
in the sky


Good FRIENDS are hard to find, harder to leave, and impossible to forget


" Nowadays dreams are easily come true if we really work hard to fulfill"


No sweet without sweat


if my eyes do not see you my heart do not forget you


GOOD FRIEND are those who care without hesitations,who love without limitations ,and who remember even without communication.


Heroes rise, heroes fall,
Rise again, win it all

Through our joy, through our pain,
We can move worlds again


Climb every mountain, ford every stream,
Follow every rainbow, 'til you find your dream


Prevention better than Correction


It's not enough to say "I tried!" You must try and try again


It's not enough to wake up. You must thank God you did


It's not enough to want better things for yourself. You must find
ways to make things better


When the time comes for you to give your heart to someone
make sure that u select someone who will never break your heart
.coz broken hearts have no spare parts


is the master key
that opens the gate
of happiness


is like a glass handle it with care
because once broken cannot be mended
...and even if mended
!!!a crack is always there


You must be a good runner
because you are always running in my mind
you must be a good thief
because you have stolen my heart
and I am always a bad shooter, because
I Miss You Always


I love a short letters like this so I collected from some forums
and I put it to you... I hope you enjoy with them

:) :power: :)

vampire 16-02-2007 06 : 43 PM

more thanx honey

It’s wonder me

شكسبير العرب 16-02-2007 09 : 39 PM


is the master key
that opens the gate
of happiness
very nice
thank you so much anas
waiting for more

my respect:
Teacher of Love

No0osah 16-02-2007 10 : 32 PM

Vampire , Teacher of love
Maaaany thanks for your great passing

رقـيـ{المشاعر}ـقـة 17-02-2007 12 : 10 AM

Thaaaaaaaaaaaanx a lot my dear

in_pink_world 17-02-2007 03 : 26 AM

thank you so much..

بسمة ألم 17-02-2007 09 : 57 AM

your words very nice

No0osah 17-02-2007 04 : 41 PM

I thank everyone who is passing and read my tobic.
Many thanks our dear

katreen 11-04-2007 09 : 11 PM

thanks alot dear they are so benefit good nice great short advices
always go forth it's an advice:p

الساعة الآن 09 : 06 AM.

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